Compliance Policy


We conduct corporate activity, including social contribution, global environmental protection, and regulatory compliance, to meet social demand based on our corporate philosophy of developing and creating international projects with our knowledge, skills, and experience as small and medium enterprise management consultants, in pursuit of the smooth development of the economy and culture of the international community.

Ⅱ.Compliance Requirements

  1. Relationship with Society
    1. We make efforts to improve and maintain the level of our consulting skills and provide useful services, thus contributing to society.
    2. We always comply with applicable laws, regulations, and social customs, both at home and abroad.
    3. We contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by reducing impact on the global environment.
  2. Relationship to Clients
    1. We stay focused on providing the best results, and make every effort to conduct our work sincerely, fairly, and efficiently.
    2. We will not accept any compensation other than that will be paid by clients in accordance with the agreements made between the parties.
    3. We will not disclose information, if any is obtained in the process of carrying out our work, to third parties. Furthermore, we will properly manage and safeguard personal information and client information.
  3. Relationship to Consultant Activity
    1. We comply with the Anti-Monopoly Act and other laws and regulations, and act according to our conscience to ensure fair and free competition.
    2. We respect and protect the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others. We pay particular attention to the use or citation of computer software and publications.
    3. If we should be involved in any decisions made by a third party, we will make an appropriate and fair evaluation based entirely on objective facts.
  4. Fraud Prevention
    1. We thoroughly comply with a code of conduct based on international rules and local laws.
    2. If we should find or suspect our employees of any dishonest acts in regards to any of the above policies, we will fully cooperate in an investigation to discover the truth.
Jun Sugiura, President & CEO
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