Creating and promoting international business with the knowledge, skills, and experience of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Management Consultants in the aim of developing the global economy in harmonization with culture in an international society.

Mission Supporting the establishment and advancement of the management of domestic and overseas enterprises, thus contributing to the development of the world's economy as well as Japan's economy.
Vision Growing and developing as a professional group conducting international economic and business activities required from SME Management Consultants of the 21st century.
Fundamental Values
  • High quality : Providing service of high
  • Universality : Providing versatile knowledge and skills.
  • High trustworthiness : Providing high reliability and satisfaction.
Principles of Action
  • Steadily attaining expected outcomes.
  • Responding to social responsibilities to support a variety of themes promptly and flexibly as well as sophisticated missions.
  • Making every effort toward improvements in both the personalities of corporations and individuals as SME Consultants and in pursuit of being dignified cosmopolitans and a reliable organization conducting international activities.
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