Assisting customers in solving problems through the
cultivation of a global perspective of human resources.

World Business Associates as a group of exerts promoting the development of small and medium enterprises has accumulated the know-how for developing human resources to have a global perspective that other management consulting companies do not have.
The expansion of small and medium enterprises into other countries is becoming a major trend; if you are having difficulty developing global human resources, please contact us.  We have a rich record of accomplishment in promoting the development of domestic and overseas small and medium enterprises through the development of human resources.
We are ready to provide a broad range of practical training that will serve as a linchpin of enterprise operations, including training for overseas expansion planning, management strategy planning, marketing, new business development, business planning, production control, sales management, personnel and labor management, sales management, and accounting management.
Utilize our know-how in human resource development to address your management issues.
We will customize a human resource development program to help you meet your challenges.

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